What if I need my technicians to create Sales Proposals from the field?

If you need your employees to create Sales Proposals from the field or mobile app, adjust employee settings to give them access.

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Currently Sales Proposals can only be created through the web portal. In most cases, field techs are not given office staff permissions under employee settings meaning that they can only log into the mobile app and must rely on the proposal being created by someone in the office. For many of our pros this works well and provides oversight on the proposals presented to customers. If you are finding that you need your technicians to build these from the field you will need to change your field tech permissions to office staff.

These employees will still be able to be dispatched to jobs, login and run jobs on the mobile app, while gaining the ability to login to the web portal while they are out and about. While you are changing their permissions make sure to disable see reports and update company info so that their dashboard on the web portal is blank and they won’t be able to update your company information.

This option works best if your employees are using tablets in the field since the bigger screen works better with the web portal view.

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