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Checklist Templates for Plumbing
Checklist Templates for Plumbing

Find templates for service call checklists and inspection checklists specific to the plumbing industry.

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Inspection Checklist

Pro Tip: Use Pass/Flag/Fail to make it easy for technicians to assess if in good condition, needs attention, or needs repair/replacement. Then add another checklist item for each using the Text option so technicians can add in details about any problems.

  • Bathroom sink drain

  • Bathroom sink faucet/spigot

  • Tub/shower drain

  • Tub/shower faucet/spigot

  • Shower-head

  • Toilet

  • Kitchen sink drain

  • Kitchen sink faucet/spigot

  • Garbage disposal

  • Ice maker

  • Sump pump

  • Feed lines

  • Water main

  • Shut-off valve

  • Water heater feed line connection

  • Water heater water line out

  • Water heater tank condition

  • Laundry feed line connection (HOT)

  • Laundry feed line connection (COLD)

  • Laundry drain connection

  • Hose shut-off valve (INTERIOR)

  • Hose shut-off valve (EXTERIOR)

  • Hose feed line

  • Special requests by customer

Service Call Checklist

Pro Tip: Use a checklist here to remind technicians to perform tasks that are easily forgotten

  • Pick up all tools

  • Clean work area before leaving

  • Offer maintenance plan/VIP/Loyalty program

  • Reinstall cover on meter box

  • Ask customer for review

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