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Electrical Checklist Templates
Electrical Checklist Templates

Find templates for JSA, Rough-In, and Risk Assessment checklists specific to the electrical industry.

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JSA (Job Safety Analysis) Checklist

Pro Tip: Use the Text type for checklist items to ensure technicians record the steps they take to ensure electrical work is carried out safely

  • Date

  • Type of work

  • Potential hazards or risks

  • Control measures

  • Protective equipment

  • Job steps

Rough-In Checklist

Pro Tip: Use a combination of Text and Pass/Flag/Fail types for checklist items to make the inspection easy to run through while still being able to capture custom information

  • Inspector's name

  • Location of inspection

  • Reason for inspection

  • Check wiring methods for support and suitability

  • Check cable installation for clearance or protective plates

  • Check the boxes for suitability

  • Ensure box present and accessible for junctions

  • Ensure box present and accessible for outlets

  • Ensure box present and accessible for pull points

  • Confirm cables are firmly secured to boxes

  • Check boxes for conductor fill

  • Check the positioning of boxes intended to be flush.

  • Verify the presence of key splicing devices

  • Check equipment grounding conductors

  • Inspect boxes in floors and ceiling fans for signs of listing

  • Check recessed luminaires are clear of combustibles and insulation

  • Inspect cables installed in contact with thermal installation

  • Ensure wall switch locations have grounded conductors

  • Additional notes

Risk Assessment Checklist

Pro Tip: Use the Text type for checklist items to allow technicians to record present risks and avoidance measures

  • Date of risk assessment

  • Risks present on job site

  • Risk avoidance measures used

  • How to further minimize risks

  • Additional notes

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