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Checklist Templates For HVAC
Checklist Templates For HVAC

Find templates for service call checklists, estimate checklists, and more specific to the heating & air conditioning industry.

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Inspection Checklist

Pro Tip: Use Pass/Flag/Fail to make it easy for technicians to assess if in good condition, needs attention, or needs repair/replacement

  • Check the condenser coil to determine if it needs cleaning

  • Check all wiring and connections to controls and electrical connections

  • Check blower belt wear, tension, and adjust

  • Check voltage and amperage draw on all motors with meter

  • Check compressor contactor

  • Visually inspect compressor

  • Check start capacitor and potential relay

  • Check pressure switch cut-out setting

  • Replace air filter or clean reusable type filter

  • Install gauges & check operating pressures

  • Check refrigerant (freon) level and advise if adjustments necessary

  • Check condensate drain and pan then advise of any discrepancies

  • Check expansion valve and coil temperature

Service Call Checklist

Pro Tip: Use a combination of Checkbox and Text types for checklist items to ensure technicians complete mandatory steps and capture essential info

  • Discuss any issues the customer is experiencing

  • Check temperature differential

  • Check drain and drain pans

  • Check for leaks

  • Is the condenser dirty?

  • Check filter and record size

  • Identify any issues (leaking duct work, poor returns, etc..)

  • Reset thermostat

  • Upload photos

  • Discuss concerns/repairs with customer

Estimate Checklist

Pro Tip: Use the Text type for checklist items to capture vital information about new customers or equipment and provide more accurate price estimates to customers

  • Check breaker band & size

  • Take photo of electrical panel

  • Take photo of existing equipment

  • Add model & serial number of equipment

  • Inspect duct system

  • Check copper sizes

  • Identify service access point and dimensions(closet, attic, basement, garage, etc)

  • Is a new platform needed? Y/N

  • Does supply or return air plenum need repair?

  • Return air cavity sealed? Y/N

  • Ductwork sealed at buckets? Y/N

  • Ductwork sealed at plenum? Y/N

Maintenance Checklist

Pro Tip: Use a combination of Checkbox and Pass/Flag/Fail to make it easy for technicians to complete check and indicate any needs for repair or replacement

  • Clear & flush drain line

  • Clear & flush drain pan

  • Verify system charge

  • Wash condenser coil

  • Check temperature difference

  • Check duct system

  • Inspect evaporator coil

  • Check capacitor

  • Check contactor for burns/pits

  • Check contactor OHM

  • Add pan tabs to drain pad

  • Check blower amp

  • Check condenser fan amp

  • Check heat operation

  • Take photos of model/serial #

  • Check compressor amps

  • Check sub-cool/super heat

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