If you skipped the import, this article explains how to manage the workflow for linking customers between the two systems when you create a job in Housecall Pro for a customer that already exists in Quickbooks Desktop.

What You Need To Know

When a customer is created in HCP, in order to sync that customer to QBD we automatically create a unique link. This allows us to link all future jobs to that customer in QBD. When you skip the import, we cannot automatically create that unique link, it must be done manually to avoid duplicate customers. This article will walk you through manually linking customers between the two systems.

What You Need To Do

When scheduling a job in Housecall Pro and that same customer exists in QBD:

  • In order to manually link customers between the two systems, the 'Customer Name' in Quickbooks Desktop must be an exact match to the 'Display Name' in HCP before the job is completed

  • When that job is completed, you will see a duplicate customer error in the QBD error table. To resolve the error, you will need to manually link the two customers

You will need to resolve the duplicate customer error, here's how:

  1. Click Reprocess on the error

  2. A box will pop up asking you if you want to link the customer in HCP to the customer in QBD or create a new customer in QBD

  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to link the customer or create a new one

  4. If auto-sync is setup the invoice will sync automatically based on the schedule you have set. To sync immediately, open Web Connector, click the checkbox and then update selected.

If the Names Do Not Match

If the 'Customer Name' in Quickbooks Desktop does not match the 'Display Name' in HCP, a duplicate customer will be created in your Quickbooks Desktop account.

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