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How do I issue a Housecall Pro Expense Card to an employee?
How do I issue a Housecall Pro Expense Card to an employee?

To order a card for the first time.

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How do I order a card for an employee?

Follow these steps to order a card for your employee:

  1. Go to My Money in the top navigation bar

  2. Click HCP Money in the left-hand navigation bar

  3. Click Expense Cards in the left-hand navigation bar, nested under HCP Money

  4. Click Add Card from the Expense Cards page

  5. Click the select employee dropdown menu, and select the employee you would like to create a card for

  6. Optional: Set the employees spending limit

  7. Check the box to send to your business address [verify this address is correct under deliver to] or uncheck the box to provide a separate shipping address

  8. Click Add Card to confirm

  9. Depending on where you had your card(s) shipped, let your employee(s) know that they will receive a card, and to reach out to you to activate the card(s)

  10. Your card(s) will be shipped to the address provided - usually within 5-7 business days

If you don't see the employee you would like to send a card to, make sure this employee has already been added to your Housecall Pro account. Expense Cards are only available for employees added within your company.

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