Our system can track the time from when an employee clicks 'on my way' to the time they click 'start job' to when they click 'finish job.' This is available on the web portal and in the HouseCall Pro app.

On the web portal you can see the duration between each step under the 'OMW,' 'Start' and 'Finish' buttons. For example, if it takes 15 minutes between hitting 'on my way' and 'start,' the duration of 15 minutes will appear below OMW.

Note: Notifications can be sent out to the customer for all actions, except "start job" action. 

You can also run a job report on the time tracking for the specific employee/job. You would filter by checking these options: travel duration, on job duration, total duration, employee, and any other filter you would like. 

View info on Timecards or Clocking in/Clocking out here

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