If you have GPS tracking included on your plan, you are able to locate your employees on a live map from the web portal. 

Follow these steps to enable your GPS tracking:

1.  Click into your 'Account Settings' in the upper right corner of the web portal

2. Click 'Business Hours'

3. Set your Company Hours 

Once you've input your business hours, you can click on the 'Map' icon in the navigation bar to view your employee's locations (during business hours).


  • Business hours MUST be set in the system for your employees to show on the map.

  • Employees MUST have their location services turned on for the Housecall Pro app, as well as their phone. 

Things to know:

  • The map is not updated live, this is in order to save your phone's battery life and your phone bills (think data)!

    It will auto-update every few minutes to reflect the current employee location.

  • Employees will show on the map only during listed business hours.

    However, if an employee is assigned a job outside of normal business hours, they will still appear on the map 1 hour before the start of the job until it is marked as 'Finished'.

  • To add the Employee GPS feature, please chat in through the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of your account.

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