GPS - How to track your employees
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Housecall Pro offers GPS by job, for the location technician assigned to the job.

You must first set up your business hours in the system in order to use the GPS function. Business hours MUST be set in the system for your Employees to show on the map. Employees will show on the map during listed business hours. The only exception is if they are assigned a job outside of normal business hours, they will show on the map up to one hour before the start of the job.

On the job details page (which you can get to by clicking on a job from the calendar or list view), you will see a map, showing you the service location (colored pin), and the current locations of all techs assigned to that job:

Location Accuracy:

When a job is marked as "started" (meaning that the job is in progress), Housecall Pro will take a more frequent and accurate location assessment, so you can see them working their way to the job site and after they "finish" the job - as well.

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