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How to set up your account for the Flat Rate Price Book powered by Profit Rhino
How to set up your account for the Flat Rate Price Book powered by Profit Rhino

We have partnered with Profit Rhino to provide price books for HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Drain Cleaning Pros!

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How to Prepare Your Housecall Pro Account for Your Profit Rhino Price Book

Before you can start taking advantage of your brand new price book, there are a couple of key pieces of setup to make sure your pricing is accurate for your business.

Step 1: Enable the flat rate pricing tool if you have not done so already

Navigate to the 'My Apps' section, click 'Go to App Store', and click on the 'Flat Rate Pricing' app card. You will want to toggle it on

Step 2. Click on the 'Price Book' tab, you will see settings on the left side. Click on 'Labor Rates'.

Click 'Edit' and create a new labor rate if you do not currently have any and select the radio button for 'Default flat rate'

Note: This is a critical step. You will need to set a default labor rate that will be applied to the services you have for your Profit Rhino price book. It can always be adjusted in the future if your break-even costs, overhead, or labor rate changes.

If you need help determining what your break-even cost should be, please refer to this help article.

Step 3. Review and edit your material markups as needed

Directly below 'Labor Rates' in your Price Book, you will see 'Material Markups'. Click on that and then click 'Edit' to begin adjusting your costs and markup percentages. You will see some default options that you may use as a starting point.

Find more information on how to set up and edit your Material Markups here.

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