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What the Profit Rhino feature is exactly within Housecall Pro, why Profit Rhino is valuable, and a general overview of content updates.

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What the Profit Rhino feature is exactly within Housecall Pro

Profit Rhino and Housecall Pro team up for $149 a month, changing the pricing game for HVAC, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, and Electrical pros. Each industry gets a tailored prebuilt price book that imports as Flat Rate Services and Materials, keeping things simple. Subscribed Housecall Pro users go through guided onboarding with an HCP rep, including importing chosen industry price books and essential training. Notably, pros can import multiple or all industry books without extra charges, adding flexibility.

Until the onboarding call, the price books stay hidden, ensuring a smooth integration into workflows. Pros handle each industry price book one by one, but flexibility allows efficient customization. Profit Rhino's commitment extends with quarterly updates, tackling material costs and adding pro-requested items. This proactive approach ensures pros have the latest pricing info, empowering them to thrive in their fields.

Why Profit Rhino is valuable

Profit Rhino proves its value by offering a wealth of industry-standard items within its massive database. Professionals in HVAC, Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, and Electrical fields benefit significantly from this comprehensive resource, streamlining their pricing processes with a wide selection of common services and materials. What sets Profit Rhino apart is its unwavering commitment to staying current and relevant. Through regular content updates, the platform ensures that pricing reflects national averages, adeptly accounting for fluctuating material costs and aligning with the dynamic nature of the industries it serves. This dedication to providing accurate, up-to-date information empowers professionals to make informed decisions, ultimately contributing to their success in the competitive landscape.

Profit Rhino content updates

While not mandatory, we highly recommend content updates powered by Profit Rhino to simplify your workload. These updates automate the maintenance of service and material information in the Profit Rhino price books categorized as 'Profit Rhino Managed.' When initiated, updates cover material cost adjustments, fixed categorization, additional OEM parts and services, clean-up, and updated images. Deprecated parts, no longer supported, are marked but retained for your reference. Look out for a banner with a 'View Details' link guiding you to the new 'Manage content updates' in Price Book Settings. You'll also get an email and in-app notification post-update.

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