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How to make a Profit Rhino service or material Managed by You
How to make a Profit Rhino service or material Managed by You
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If you are someone who currently has Flat rate Price Books powered by Profit Rhino within your Housecall Pro Price Book, this article will walk you through how to edit and manage those services and parts.

You will notice that any Profit Rhino items, materials or services, you have not edited will be in read-only mode, these are considered 'Profit Rhino managed' items. When a content update is available, we will only update items that are 'Profit Rhino managed' and exclude any that are 'Managed by You'.

To make edits to a Profit Rhino item, you will go ahead and click 'Change to Pro-Managed' in the top right of the item which will then bring up this confirmation screen.

If you wish to proceed with editing, then click 'Change Service to Pro-Managed' which allow you to make any edits you wish and turn the item into one 'Managed by You'.
PRO TIP: If you expect you will be making many items 'Managed by You', you have the option to click 'Do not show this message again' to skip the confirmation window.

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