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Profit Rhino Books and the flat rate app card
Profit Rhino Books and the flat rate app card
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Why can't I turn off the flat rate app card?

If you currently have active Profit Rhino books via the Housecall Pro partnership in your price book you will have to maintain the flat rate app on by default.

You will notice that when you go to the flat rate app card in the 'Apps' section, when you navigate to the 'Flat Rate Pricing' card you will no longer be able to toggle off the flat rate app card.

This behavior ensures that we can preserve the linked materials, labor rate and hours that go alongside the flat rate service as it will turn off the flat rate pricing view on any flat rate items you created and in particular your Profit Rhino ones. This protects the items in your Price Book from being altered by accident.

What do I do if I no longer want flat rate pricing or flat rate pricing books in my Price Book?
If you no longer wish to continue setting up your own flat rate items and you no longer need the Profit Rhino books, please chat in. Our team will be able to ensure your billing plan no longer includes the Profit Rhino add-on.
Once the add-on is removed, you will have the ability to turn off the flat rate app card and have your price book items in the non-flat rate view.

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