The Employee schedule view allows you to easily see which jobs are assigned to which employee. This helps to streamline and optimize schedules by clearly displaying employees’ availability side-by-side in the main calendar. With the employee schedule view, it is much easier to see available time to book more jobs!

Employee Schedule View:

Choose to see your schedule in the day, week or Monday - Friday views grouped by day AND by employee.

The Basics

  • The employee schedule view can be toggled on and off from the new calendar only. Turn on View by employee when using Day, Week, or Monday-Friday View for a clear picture of your employees’ workloads. View by employee is not supported on Dispatch or Month Views.

How to turn on the feature:

1. Make sure you are on the new calendar:

2. Head to the views list in the top right corner, and expand it. You will see the View by employee option.

3. Finally, mark the checkbox View by employee to enable the new view option.

Additional Options:

1. By hovering on any job assigned to multiple employees, all of the job occurrences (slots in other employees' columns) will get slightly darker, making it easier to identify which employees are assigned to it.

2. When jobs assigned to multiple employees are moved by drag and drop you will be able to:

  • Change this job for all of the employees assigned if you dropped into a new column. By dragging the employee you want to remove from the job, and dropping over the column of the one you want to add to the job, you can update the job assignment.

What are the benefits of the Employee schedule view?

  • Quickly see open slots in your calendar without switching to the dispatch view

  • Easily scan your calendar for empty spaces, showing availability across all of your employees’ schedules at once

  • Feel confident knowing every job is scheduled correctly, with no errors or double bookings

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