Please note that the following features are in beta testing and are not yet available to all pros. Features in beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

Where will I see the post-call messages in my chat Inbox?

You will receive the post-call messages under the employee section in Inbox.

How often will I receive a post-call messages?

You will receive a messages at the end of each call. You will also receive an SMS notification if there is an action required from you on a particular call.

How can I turn on/off web or mobile notifications for post-call messages?

You will always receive an SMS notification for post-call messages that require an action from you, and you will always see a blue circle next to Inbox when you have unread chats, but if you wish to receive desktop toast notifications, or mobile push notifications when you have a new post-call message, follow these instructions:

Desktop notifications:

Mobile notifications:

There are too many notifications in web/mobile app. Will I miss post-call messages that require an action from me?

We will send you an SMS notification that you have received a post-call message that requires an action from you so you never miss a time-sensitive message from HCP Assist. SMS notifications can not be toggled off at this time.

Can I respond to these messages in Inbox?

Yes, you can respond to post-call messages in Chat Inbox and an HCP Assist Customer Service Specialist (CSS) will resolve any questions you may have.

Please refer to this chat article for more information:

Can I reply to a specific post-call message?

This is not yet available in our chat feature so you cannot reply to one particular post-call message. You can instead reply in the chat and reference the specific customer name/number or other identifier when chatting with HCP Assist.

Can I start a new chat with HCP Assist?

No, you cannot start a new chat with HCP Assist. You must use the chat with post-call messages to communicate with HCP Assist.

Can I @mention HCP Assist or other employees in the chat?

Yes, you can. Please refer this chat article for more details:

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