Note: This report is in beta, so not every Pro will have access to this report.

Material usage reporting in Housecall Pro allows you to report on material line items across jobs and employees, giving you better insights into material needed for upcoming jobs, and material used on completed jobs. Equipped with this information, you can more accurately track material costs, and stay on top of purchasing and replenishing material.

Accessing Material Usage Reporting

Navigate to the reports tab. From the jobs reporting section click on the Material on jobs report under the Material usage card.

This report will show any material line items that have been added to jobs in the time frame selected. Material added from your Pricebook will display by the name saved in the Pricebook, and material added outside the Pricebook will be grouped into a Non pricebook items row.

By default, the report will show data for completed jobs within the last 30 days. See below for how to change the report parameters.

Changing report output/filtering your data

Change the date range

You can click on two date settings buttons on the top of the chart to change the data being shown. This functionality is the same on every report.

  • Date range = show me material added to jobs that fall during a date range that I specify

  • Action date = show me material added to jobs that were either created, scheduled, or completed during the date range that I set

Apply filters

You can apply filters by clicking on the manage filters button. There are available filters for the jobs material was added to, as well as a filter for Material item name which will allow you to filter by any material in your Pricebook.

Adjust the metrics

You can also customize the metrics (total quantity of material used, or total job count) in the data table by using the “edit columns” button. Once in the edit columns menu, you can select or unselect metrics to see in the table.

View more details

Clicking the View Materials button will open a page where all material in the report can be viewed by the jobs they were added to as well as the employees who worked on those jobs.

You can also click each individual row to view more details about specific material items or Non pricebook items.

Both the summary and drilldown reports can be exported to a csv. You are also able to save custom versions of this report with different date selections and filters. Saving a report will save it under Custom reports which you can access from the lefthand navigation menu.

Understanding Material Metrics

  • Total quantity: The total number of a material line item that was used on jobs

  • Job count: The total number of jobs the material line item was used on

Not seeing any data? Be sure to start building out materials in your pricebook so your employees can add these materials to jobs as line items. Material line items will need to be added to jobs in order for them to show up on this report.

Don't want customers to see material line items on invoices? Adjust your invoice settings to hide material line item details on invoices.

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