Pushing material records over to QuickBooks account

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Similarly to a price book service, a material is created in Housecall Pro we will not immediately send it to QuickBooks , it will only be sent when a job is finished, invoiced or paid out.

After creating a new job, you will click on the materials item field and create the new material.

Note: Moving materials from the services price book to the materials price book will create brand new items within QuickBooks when they are pushed over. They will not link to the previously created materials in the service category. Once moved from the service price book in HCP to the materials price book, this can not be undone.

Here is what that will look like in QuickBooks Online - you will notice that a material (not in your HCP price book) will be categorized generically as Sales.

Materials from your price book will push over to QuickBooks and show under the top level category HCP will create called Price Book Materials plus the Industry:

Materials will push to the Products and Services section of QuickBooks under a category called Price Book Materials and will push over same as they do right now, as a services type item.

By clicking Edit to the far right of the material item in your products/services list, you can then add additional mapping to the item, such as income account and class.

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