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Example Scenario: How HCP pushes invoices to QuickBooks Desktop
Example Scenario: How HCP pushes invoices to QuickBooks Desktop

See an example of what happens when Housecall Pro pushes an invoice into Quickbooks Desktop.

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Say you have a job that has two line items on it. The first line item is $300. The second line item is $100. The job also has taken a payment of $10.

What happens:

When the job in HCP gets pushed over to QuickBooks Desktop as an invoice, the following occurs in the chart of accounts:

>>The job gets recorded in Accounts Receivable. You’ll see a record of it that says the date, the amount billed ($400 total) and the amount paid ($10).

>>Each Price List Item in QuickBooks Desktop must always have a reference to an account. So for example, the first line item is $300 and say you assigned “Services Income” to its corresponding price list item as the account. Then, in the account, you’ll see a record of the invoice, line items on the invoice referencing that account, and the total income for those line items.

If you assign “Parts and Material Sales” to the second line item's corresponding price list item, it will get recorded under that account.

Line items made in HCP that aren’t from their price list in HCP will always be recorded against the Income Account you specified when connecting QuickBooks Desktop and HCP. Every line item on an invoice must reference some Price List Item in QuickBooks Desktop.

>>The $10 payment for the job will be recorded in your “Undeposited Funds” account by default (we don’t ask for the name of this account, it will always go to an account called “Undeposited funds”).

If you need to update an invoice, you should always do so in HCP. This is because if you update it in QuickBooks Desktop, during the next sync, we’ll overwrite whatever change to the job you made in QuickBooks Desktop.

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