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Adding new service information from HCP to QuickBooks account

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In this article we will explore how new services sync over to Quickbooks Online. First, we will look at an item that is not yet added to your price book.

After creating a new job, you will click on the service item field and create the new service item.

Once that job is marked as Finished, Invoiced or Paid, it will sync over to Quickbooks Online, with the new service item.

To add a new service to your Price Book in Housecall Pro, navigate to Price Book in the top menu bar. You will have the option to add a new category, or toggle under a pre-existing category to add a new service:

When adding a new service to a pre-existing category, toggle into the category that you are wanting to add the new service to and select +SERVICE, then fill out the new service information:

Once you hit Save, that item should show up underneath that category:

Here is what that will look like in QuickBooks Online. Note: any service item (not in your HCP price book) that has never pushed into QuickBooks before will be categorized generically as Sales.

When a service item from your price book has been added to a job, it will push to Quickbooks with the category and subcategory information associated with the service item:

Here is what the price book item will look like in your products/service list:

By clicking Edit to the far right of the service item in your products/services list, you can then add additional mapping to the service item, such as income account and class.

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