For linked items in QuickBooks Online and Housecall Pro, any manual updates will not sync between the two systems. In order to update the service, you will need to make the update in both systems.

Update in QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online, you'll navigate to the products and services list and click edit to the far right of the item you want to update. From this side bar, you can update any of the information.

Then, click Save and close. This information will be updated across any instance of that service across QuickBooks Online. Note: This will not change how the item is listed in the Housecall Pro price book.

Update in Housecall Pro

In order to make any changes in Housecall Pro, you will first navigate to the price book tab and search for the service you’d like to update. You can then click the 3 dots to the far right of the item and select Edit:

Once you made all necessary changes, click Save. Any updates will not unlink the item in QuickBooks, however, you will need to make the same update manually in Quickbooks if you haven't already.

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