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Customer Import

Now, you can bring in your customers from either an Excel or .CSV file directly into Housecall Pro. If you're coming from another software that is the most up-to-date source for you, or if you do not use QuickBooks, this will be the option for you. You can learn more about the options for importing your customers into Housecall Pro here.

We can bring in information such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, any customer notes, etc. Our in product-wizard will walk you through the process of matching your column names to our system, will ensure that everything is formatted correctly, and will give you a chance to correct any errors to ensure that you end up with everything you need in Housecall Pro.

Pros on our MAX plan can work directly with our data import team where they can import your customers, job history, equipment, and price book for you. Our basic transfer option is free. There may an additional cost for exports with multiple files or exports that require additional formatting that is outside the standard transfer scope of work. Please work with your Onboarding advisor to set up an initial consultation call. If you’re itching to get started with importing your customers, you are welcome to follow the below instructions to import on your own.


Step-by-step instructions:

Prepare your data

Before starting the in-product import wizard, prepare to bring in your data, by:

  • Exporting your data from your previous software system

  • Verifying that you have all the required fields

  • Ensuring that your file is in one of the variety of supported file formats including comma- or tab-separated (.csv, .tsv), Excel (.xls, .xlsx), and others (.xml, and .txt).

You can learn more about how to prepare your data for import here. You do not need to modify your data to match a template. Our system will match your fields to the Housecall Pro fields.

At this time, Housecall Pro only supports importing one level of customers. If you have more than one level of customers (for example parent-child customers for billing), you have two options:

  1. Continue with the import: Customers (parents) will be imported: Sub-customers (child) will not be imported.

  2. Edit your sub-customer structure in the file: Re-organize the structure of your sub-customers and add them to their own line in the file. Then they can be imported to Housecall Pro and you can set up sub-customers in Housecall Pro.

Upload your data

1. Start by selecting the Import button on the Customers page.

2. Follow the in-product wizard to decide which source you want to use to bring in your data. Once you choose that you want to bring in your data from a file, a window will pop up to walk you through selecting and uploading your file.

3. Select your file from your computer

4. If you have multiple sheets in one file, you can select the sheet that you would like to import.

5. Our system will ask you to confirm if the first row contains column headers.

6. Our system will then try to map the Housecall Pro field name to the column headers in your file. However, if there are discrepancies (such as in Housecall Pro we have a Company field and in your data you have an Organization field), this is your opportunity to fix so that the data is imported into the correct field. Review each one and click "Confirm Mapping" or change to the correct header name in your file. You can also choose to ignore the column if you do not wish to import it. Once all mappings have been confirmed, click Review.

7. Finally, our system will validate that the data in your file can be imported. If any rows have errors, they will be highlighted in red. You can toggle "Show errors" to see all of the rows with errors. To see what the error is, hover over the value, and type in the adjustment into the field.

8. Once you correct any errors, confirm that you are ready to upload the file.

9. You will receive an email once the import is complete. You can navigate elsewhere in the software and continue to use Housecall Pro.

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