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Report across all of your child locations

Written by James Nichols
Updated over a week ago

Franchisors or Housecall Pro Admins with child locations have access to data across all of their franchisees (child locations) on the reporting tab. All estimates and jobs reports reflect aggregated metrics across locations, allow for filtering by location, and show the location name in the drill down tables.

Getting started

To use the reporting, open any jobs or estimates report on the reporting tab. The report metrics are now updated to consider data across all your child organizations. Any metrics that you view in a jobs or estimates report will show these aggregate metrics until you apply a filter to update the data.

Filter by location name

If you'd like to see data for a subset of your locations, you can apply a location based filter. To apply a location filter, click on the manage filters button and use the Location(s) drop down to select the location(s) you want to consider in the report. Your report will update to show data only for the selected locations.

Group by location name

Any jobs or estimates report can be grouped by location name to see metrics summarized by location. To group a report by location name, click on edit columns and select Location name in the group by drop down menu:

Drill down to see location name by job or estimate and export

You can click on any row in a jobs or estimates report to drill down into the details. Once on the drill down page, you can view the Location name associated with each job or estimate by adding Location name as a column in the drill down table. To add location name as a column in the drill down table, click on edit columns and select Location name as a column. To export the list of jobs or estimates with location name, click on export and the file will be emailed to you.

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