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Learn how to adjust estimate settings on an individual estimate level

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Introduction to settings on an individual estimate level

Estimate settings give you the freedom to include all of the relevant information in your estimates, while at the same time giving you full control over what details are visible to your customers. You can use the settings to decide which parts of an estimate should be visible to your customers and which should not.

While you’re able to configure the default estimate settings rules for all the estimates created in your system (see Configure default estimate settings) you can also always adjust the default settings on an individual estimate level if you need to make an exception from the default rules.

You can do this on both the Housecall Pro web portal and the mobile app, right before sending an estimate to your customer. This kind of adjustment will only affect that particular estimate and won’t be applied to other estimates in your system.

Adjust estimate settings on the web portal

Clicking the View and Send Estimate page from an estimate details page will take you to the estimate preview which you can adjust before sending to a customer:

From the View and Send Estimate page you'll be able to adjust the visibility following information:

Details section

  • including the estimate number, estimate date, and the message on an estimate. Additionally, the estimate number and date can be also edited from this view.

  • the view format (email or envelope optimized)

Business and customer section

This section will allow you to adjust the default visibility of the main information about your business and your customer details, including your business name or logo, the technician name, your customer display name, and company name.

Services and materials section

With the estimate settings, you are able to have all of the important service and material line items details included in your estimate without the need to make them visible to your customers. For both service and material line items, you can toggle on or off the visibility of:

  • line item name

  • description

  • quantity

  • unit price

  • line items amount

  • line items subtotal

For example, you will have full freedom to include and track the material line items through your estimates, but never share any of the material line item details with your customers. Similarly, you can, for instance, toggle off the visibility of the line items subtotals and only present the total cost to the customer.

Estimate options

Finally, in the estimate options section, you will be able to toggle on or off the visibility of whole options within the estimate. Additionally, you will be also able to reorder the options by dragging and dropping the option names:

What has changed on web?

  • The Estimate Message can be edited on the Estimate details screen below Services and Materials.

  • “Estimate settings” is now titled “Details”

  • “Company name” is now “Business Name” under “Business and customer dropdown”

  • “Technician Name” is added

  • “Customer and company name” is now “Customer display name” and “Customer company name”

  • New added drop-downs for “Services”, “Materials”

  • The “View PDF” button and the “Send estimate arrow” have been replaced/consolidated with “VIEW & SEND ESTIMATE” button. This offers the same workflow as before.

  • There is no longer a need to click on the gear icon to open up estimate settings. this is now open by default on the view from send estimate. The title has been named “Details”

  • Estimate options are now present on the bottom right of the details card.

Adjusting Estimate Settings on Mobile

Each of the settings mentioned above can also be adjusted on the iOS and Android mobile apps. To access the settings on the mobile, tap the “cog“ icon on the estimate preview:

There will be minimal changes on mobile compared to the current workflow. The main difference is that line items will be broken into separate sections rather than in the same singular view.

Editing Estimate Message on Mobile

Users with permission to edit invoice messages will be able to edit the Estimate Message on the line items screen.

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