Setting up the employee permissions correctly will make sure you and your employees can keep the business moving along as smoothly as possible. When setting up your field employees you can choose what they can and cannot see, for each employee individually. 

Add/edit/delete jobs: Required for all techs who create or edit jobs or estimates out in the field. Jobs and line items are read only when this is off.

Take payment, see prices: For employees who need to be able take payment in the field. This will allow employees to see pricing to present to the customer, collect payment, and send out invoices on the spot, saving tons of time on paperwork.

See customer phone number and email: Gives your employee access to customer's phone number and email within the job details page to quickly and easily be in touch with the customer. 

In-app chat with Housecall app customers: This lets this employee receive and reply to any messages from customers who use the Housecall consumer app. 

See and edit customer database: Gives complete access to the customer database and allows updates to be made to the customer list. 

Update company account info: Allows access to the account settings information, including the company profile, billing information and employee profiles. 

Be booked online: This is only for Pros who are using our online booking through their website and Facebook. This will tell the system which employee calendars to look at for availability. Only employees with this permission enabled will be considered bookable through the online booking option. 

Show next job: Only allows your tech to see their next upcoming job on their dashboard, rather than all of their scheduled jobs. 

Show full schedule: This will allow your employees to see all of the jobs scheduled to their calendar.  

Build Pro Network & Share job: Anyone with this permission enabled will be able to refer jobs to other service professionals. The job information will be sent to the referred Pro via text.

Edit Message on Invoice: Anyone with this permission enabled will be able to edit the message that appears on the bottom of the invoice or estimate.

Show Zestimate home data: Anyone with this permission enabled will see the Zestimate home data on the street view image in the mobile application.

Once the correct permissions are enabled, hit the save button in the bottom right. 

Remember to have your tech log out and log back in when any changes are made! 

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