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What do the Field Tech employee permissions mean?
What do the Field Tech employee permissions mean?

Understand each of the permissions for field technicians

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Setting up the employee permissions correctly will make sure you and your employees can keep the business moving along as smoothly as possible. When setting up your field employees you can choose what they can and cannot see, for each employee individually. 

Add/edit jobs: Required for all techs who create or edit jobs or estimates out in the field. Jobs and line items are read only when this is off.

Delete/cancel jobs: Allows your employee to delete or cancel a job.

Take payments & see prices: For employees who need to be able take payment in the field. This will allow employees to see pricing to present to the customer, collect payment, and send out invoices on the spot, saving tons of time on paperwork.

See customer phone number and email: Gives your employee access to customer's phone number and email within the job details page to quickly and easily be in touch with the customer.

Allow user to chat with customers: Allows your employee to see the customer's phone number and email address on jobs and estimates they are assigned to.

See & edit customer database: Allows your employee complete access to ALL customer information and allows them to add, edit, and delete customers.  

Update company account info: Gives access to all of your primary account settings including your company profile, billing info, employees, pricebook items, text notifications, and online booking windows.

Online booking availability: Your customers will be able to book online time slots where at least one of your employees with this permission is available. The job will still be automatically assigned to the POC (Point of Contact) and will need to be dispatched appropriately.

Show techs next job: Ensures your employee can only see the next job they are assigned to and not all of their scheduled jobs.

Show full schedule: Allow your employee to see all of the jobs scheduled to their calendar.

Build Pro Network & Share job: Allows your employee to build their network of pros within the Community section of the mobile app, and refer jobs to other specialists.

Edit Message on Invoice: Allows your employee to edit the message that appears on the bottom of the invoice or estimate PDF and the message in the email itself.

Show home data: Allows your employee to see home data on the street view image in the mobile application.

See job costing margins and inputs: This permission allows your employees to see information about job costs and profits. In order for employees to track inventory details on jobs, this permission must be enabled.

Once the correct permissions are enabled, hit the save button in the bottom left

Remember to have your tech log out and log back in when any changes are made! 

Please note, Field Techs are only able to log in via a mobile app version and not the desktop version.

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