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Reports and metrics to help dive into your service plan data

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If you're using Service Plans in Housecall Pro, you can now track the revenue generated from service plans, and the employees who sold them - all from the reporting tab. Use our new service plan reporting suite to dive into your data and make important business decisions around service plan strategies.

Getting started

Start by navigating to your reporting tab. Within reporting, if you are using service plans, you will now see a service plan reporting page. Click into Service plans to uncover your new reports. From there, click into any of the blue links to open each report with default filters and date ranges.

Service plans reports are categorized by date, employee, and type.

New reports include:

  • Service plans by day/week/month

  • Recurring revenue by month (next 12 months)

  • Service plans by plan name

  • Recurring revenue by plan name (next 12 months)

  • Service plans sold by employee

Understanding new metrics

Three main metrics that are tied to service plan reporting are number of plans, recurring revenue and collected revenue.

  • Recurring revenue: Total amount due from customers across all service plans.

  • Collected revenue metric: The amount of revenue collected from service plans within the date range on the report.

  • Plans sold by employee: Total number of service plans sold by each tech or employee as identified in Housecall Pro

Adding Sold by to your service plans

When in your customer profile, click into any of their active service plans to update the sold amount. (This can also be added upon service plan creation). A new field has been added called sold by.

Use this field to report on how well your employees are selling service plans. Track revenue or total plans sold in our new employee service plan reports.

Customizing your reports

There are a few ways to manipulate the data that displays on any report - updating date ranges, managing filters, updating columns, or changing the graph display.

To learn more information on everything you can do in reporting - check out this in-depth article on report customization.

  1. Click into the date drop down to update the date range - Look at this week, month, quarter, year or even add in a custom date range

  2. Use the drop down on the report graph to update the metric being displayed.

  3. Use your manage filter button to filter the results displayed in the graph and table. Filter by employee and much more!

  4. The edit columns button allows you to manipulate the columns in the report table

For more information on Service plans check out our help article collection here.

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