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How do I View, Customize and Save Reports on the Reporting Tab?
How do I View, Customize and Save Reports on the Reporting Tab?

Creating reports on the reporting tab

Written by James Nichols
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Please note that the following features are in beta testing and are not yet available to all pros. Features in beta testing are subject to change based on feedback we receive.

Viewing reports

To view any default jobs reports, start by clicking into your Reporting tab at the top of Housecall Pro. Reports can be accessed by clicking directly on the name of the report on the cards.

If you want to view one of your saved custom reports, click on the "Custom" page on the left rail of the page.

Filtering reports

The reports can be filtered by date by clicking on the action date button or date range button on top of the chart. If you want to set other filters (example: filter to a specific job tag or lead source), click on the manage filters button below the chart. After clicking on these buttons, you can adjust the report parameters to get a more focused view on your business metrics.

  • Date range: filters for jobs during the selected dates.

  • Action date: filters for jobs created, scheduled or completed during the date range.

  • Manage filters: filters for job tags, customer tags, employee, job value, etc.

Changing report output

You can also customize the metrics that are included in the report's table. To add or remove metrics from a report, click on the Edit Columns button. From there, select or un-select the metrics that you wish to show in your table. Click on Save to apply the changes to your report. Click on any of the column titles to sort the table.

You can also change how the data is grouped in the table. You are able to group data by date (day, week, month, quarter), employee, business unit, job type, job tag or lead source. To change how data is grouped, click on the Edit Columns button. From there, use the Group by dropdown menu to select an attribute. Click on Save to apply the changes to your report.

Changing metrics on the report display

You can display any of the metrics included in your report on the graph. To change the metric displayed, click on the drop down menu on the top right of the graph.

Saving a custom report

If you've customized your report, either the display or the table, you can save your changes and return to the same report later. Once you've filtered, sorted, or changed metrics on the table or display, you can save this version to your reporting tab. After a report is saved, it will be added to your reporting tab on the "Custom" page.

To save the report, click on the save button at the top right of the screen and follow the prompt.

Drilling into job details

To view any individual job corresponding to a row in the table, click on that row. To view all jobs that meet your report filters, click on the total row in the table.

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