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Create Multi-Option Estimates (iPhone)
Create Multi-Option Estimates (iPhone)

Give your customers multiple estimate options of services to choose from - from the mobile app.

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The multi-option estimate feature is ideal for providing different packages or level-of-service options to a customer. You can create and name the options to fit the way you run your business.

Multi-Option Estimates in the web portal:

To create estimate options in the mobile app, follow the steps below:

1. Click into your estimate details page

2. Click the three dots for MORE in top right and select Add Option or Copy to Option to copy the existing estimate information to a new option.

3. Rename the option if you wish then press ADD.

4. To rename the existing options, click the three dots for MORE and select Rename Option.

From this menu, you can:

Sending the options to your customer

1. Click the Send Estimate icon at the top

2. The option that you are currently on when you click Send Estimate will be the default option shown on the estimate being sent to the customer. To include multiple options when sharing the estimate with your customer, click the wrench icon above the estimate to go to the Estimate Settings.

3. In the Estimate settings, select Options to view all the options created in the estimate.

4. Click the green (+) sign to include other options in your Estimate.

5. Use the three horizontal lines on the right side of the options to rearrange the order in which they are shown on the estimate, if necessary.

6. Your estimate will now feature the options you selected to be sent to the customer.

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