Copying multi-option estimates to jobs

Learn how to copy multiple options from one estimate into a single job

Written by Gosia Zagajewska
Updated over a week ago

If you create an estimate with multiple options and your customer (or you) approves more than one option, you can now select multiple options from an estimate and copy them into a single job.

To copy multiple options from one estimate into a single job, navigate to the "Estimate details" page.

Then, click the "Copy to job" icon in the "kabob" section:

This will open a dialog you can use to select which option you want to copy to a job:

If some of your options have not been approved yet or were declined, you can still select them and copy them to a job. Doing so will pro-approve those options!

Important considerations.

Copying multiple options to a job will create a single job segment.

The line items from the copied options will be copied into a job, preserving the order of options from the original estimate.

If the options have different tax rates, the tax rate from the first selected option will be applied to the job. You can always change the tax rate on the job if needed.

If the available options have varying discounts, the system will ask you to choose one of the discounts to be applied to the job. Alternatively, you may select "do not apply any discount" and change the discount later on the job if needed:

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