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Copy estimate details to a new estimate (web portal)
Copy estimate details to a new estimate (web portal)

Create a new estimate by copying the estimate information from an existing option.

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Similar to copying job details to a new invoice, you can copy line items and attachments from an existing estimate to a new one. You can also assign the estimate to a different customer, if necessary.

  1. Go to the estimate details page of the estimate you would like to copy. Once there, click the three vertical dots on the option you wish to copy to a new estimate.

NOTE: You cannot select multiple options to be copied to a new estimate. Only one option can be copied.

2. Select 'Copy to new estimate'

3. In the Copy Segment box, you can keep the customer name from the previous estimate, or type the name of a different existing customer to copy the new estimate to them. You can also create a new customer with the '+New Customer' button to copy your estimate to them.

4. Your new estimate will be created for the customer of your choice.

NOTE: Housecall Pro will always run estimate numbers in sequential order, starting from the HIGHEST number in the system. This means if you copy an estimate to a new one, the new estimate number will be the next highest number in your existing estimate number sequence, not necessarily the next highest from the estimate you copied.

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