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In your Inbox, we have added an Overview page for you to monitor your current calls and team. This helps with handling multiple calls, understanding what your agents are doing at a given time, and seeing who is currently on a call.

The queued calls tab will show you all the calls waiting in your queue either because they went through your call flow to the call queue widget or because one of your team members placed a call on hold. You will be able to see the duration the call has been in the queue and you can connect to the call directly from the queued call list. Please note: you need your dialer open in order to connect to the call.

This should have the same calls as what is in your dialer on the call queue.

The active calls tab will show you all of the calls that your agents are taking. It will show the caller information and duration.

The agent management tab will show you your agents that are on web so your office staff and admins. It will show you their status which is determined by the status your agent sets on the dialer. It will show you whether they are on a call, available, or unavailable. You can call or chat with your employee from this view. For more information on agent status, view this help article.

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