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Voice on Mobile FAQ

Find out more about our voice feature, now available for all Pros with the Voice feature!

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Housecall Pro's Mobile Voice solution brings the power and convenience of our VoIP feature to your mobile app. Pros with the VoIP will be able to see the global call log, customer call log, and make and receive calls through the Voice feature.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Voice on Mobile solution. You must have the Voice feature on your plan in order to access Voice on Mobile. If you don't yet have the feature, you can visit our Voice Landing Page to learn more and sign up!

Call Logs

Call Details

Making/Receiving Calls

Intake Form

Call Logs

Who has access to call logs?

Field techs with the permission to chat with customers and see customer email and phone number, office staff, and admin users have access to customer call logs and global call logs.

*Note: Field tech users with the permission to see customer email and phone number will not be able to make phone calls or view the call log

What information can you see on call logs?

On the call log screen, you can filter by a list of all calls, missed calls, and voicemails.

How do I see calls from a specific customer?

To see calls specific to one customer, navigate to their customer profile.

How do I see my global call logs?

You can access the global call log by going to the Inbox in your app. On the menu, you'll see an option for Call Logs. Click on this option to see your list of calls.

Call Details

What information is on the call details screen?

On the call details screen you can:

  • Create a job, estimate or lead and attach it to the call (office staff and admins only)

  • See the customer attached to the call (if they are saved in your customer list)

  • Access a link to the customer's job history

  • Edit the customer attached to a call

  • Read, add, and edit call notes

  • Read, add, and edit call reason

  • Listen to and share call recordings and voice mails

  • View the lead source

  • View call information like employee who made/received the call, call date and time, and call duration

How do I share a call recording?

Click on the share icon next to the recording and choose the app you would like to share the call through. Additionally, you can download the call directly to your device.

What will my Field Techs see on the call details screen?

Your field techs will see the call details if they:

  • Have the permission to see customer phone number and email turned on


  • Have the permission to chat with customer turned on

This includes all of the call detail information including call recordings, voice mails, and call information. If you would like to hide the call logs from your field techs, you will need to disable one or both of the permissions above.

Making/Receiving Calls

How do I set up my app for the Voice on Mobile feature?

This will walk you through the permissions needed to use the feature in your app.

Does my app have to be open to receive an inbound call?

You need to be logged into your app on your mobile device with it open in the background in order to receive a call, but you do not have to be active within the app.

Do I need to add my mobile device to a ring group to receive calls?

How do I make an outbound call using the Voice feature vs my native phone?

Anytime you click the phone icon next to a customer's number in the app (call log, job details, estimate details, customers page, etc) you will see a menu with the option to use Housecall VoIP or your Native Dialer. Please note that choosing Native Dialer will dial directly from your cell phone number via your phone plan.

How do I add call notes while on a call?

On the Active Call screen, you will see a button titled New. Once you click on this, you'll have the option to select "Create call notes" and then see a form to type in the note.

How do I create a new intake form while on a call?

On the Active Call screen, you will see an button titled New. Once you click on this, you'll have the option to select Create New Intake. This will open up the Intake form to fill out and save as a job or estimate.

What limitations do my Field Techs have while on a call?

Field techs will only be able to be able to create call notes on the active call screen; they will not have the ability to fill out an intake form as that feature is currently limited to Office Staff and Admin users.

Intake Form

How can I create a new intake form on an active call?

On the Active Call screen, select the New button, then select Create New Intake. From here you can fill out the form and save it as a lead, estimate, or job

Why doesn't my field tech see the option to create an intake form?

Currently only office staff and admin users will see the ability to create a new Intake form on mobile. This is to match the same permissions needed to access the feature in web, so this is added as a measure of security for your account.

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