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Line Items: Quick Actions and Time Savers
Line Items: Quick Actions and Time Savers

New updates to help you create and manage jobs with fewer steps

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Who doesn’t like saving time? Newly introduced "quick actions and time savers" on line items will reduce clicks when creating jobs. Here’s what’s new:

Copy Jobs and Estimates

You can now copy a job or estimate for a different existing or new customer. Copying will copy information like line items, tags, fields, checklists, notes, attachments, and team assignment.

Frequently Used Line Items

When adding line items to a job, estimate, proposal, lead, or via the intake form, you will now see a list of your most frequently used line items. The list will update dynamically over time as the usage of line items is tracked.

Favorite Line Items

Admins can now favorite services and materials from the price book edit page and share these favorites across the organization. (web only)

You are now able to favorite frequently used line items so that they are easily accessed. You will view your personal favorites & the organization favorites.

Office Staff cannot unfavorite a line item that was originally favorited by an Admin.

Save Line Items to Price Book

When a line item is added to a job that doesn’t exist in the price book, you will now be able to add the item to an existing or new category from the job.

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