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Where to Find an API Developer
Where to Find an API Developer

Learn where to find a developer to help build your custom integrations

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API is available only to Pros on a MAX plan. API allows you to create custom integrations with Housecall Pro. Considering the technical nature of API, if you're interested in setting up custom integrations, you will need to hire a skilled developer. They can navigate the intricacies of the API and bring your integration ideas to life. Since our engineers' time and effort are dedicated to enhancing the features for all of our Pros, we aren't able to provide dedicated support on any API requests.

Before getting started, we recommend that you review the available APIs in our open API documentation here: Note that not every feature is available to build an integration. You’ll first need to consider:

  • What you want to automate

  • Whether our API has the available API calls to automate your task

  • Whether the other software you want to automate with similarly has an open API and the available API calls needed

When you do decide to collaborate with a developer, it's important to select someone you trust, as they'll have access to your account information. Think of it as giving them a backdoor to all of the data in your Housecall Pro account.

Freelance developers work independently and have varying levels of experience. Some are just beginners, while others may be highly skilled and experienced. A freelance developer will work well for your integrations, as it will likely be easy to hire them on a short-term basis. Some examples of where you can find freelance developers are:

  1. Upwork - Upwork is one of the most popular websites to find a freelance developer, one great thing about their site is that they offer payment protection and a review system

  2. Toptal - An advantage of Toptal is that they individually screen every developer that is posted on their website.

  3. Guru - Guru offers payment protection as well as the ability to view the portfolio of the developers on their website

  4. Freelancer - Freelancer allows you to post the scope of the project you need to be done (in this case, custom API integrations with Housecall Pro) on their website, and any freelance developer can see this post and reach out to you with their interest

  5. PeoplePerHour - Using PeoplePerHour’s search bar, you can type something like “API” and be presented with a list of freelance developers to choose from, this website has a review system to help you make your decision on which developer to choose

  6. Truelancer - Truelancer offers a secure payment system and the developers on the website can potentially be available for long or short periods of time, as needed for your project

Once you have decided on a developer to partner with, you’ll need to generate an API key for them. It is very important you have talked with your developer and that you trust them before you provide this key to them. This key is essentially giving them access to all of the data in your Housecall Pro account.

As soon as your developer has their API key, they can use the API docs to begin building your custom integrations!

If you are not interested in hiring a developer at this time, with a bit of time, you may be able to use some user-friendly automation tools, like Make, Zapier, and Pabbly Connect to create some API automations. Should you choose to explore these options, please understand that we are unable to provide support in setting up these integrations.

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