How do I set an arrival window?

Give your customers a window of time for your arrival to the job

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When scheduling a job, you have the ability to set an arrival window. This will be the time frame your customers can expect you to arrive for the job. You can choose to have this window be set as the default for all jobs or set it on a per job basis.

To set the arrival window, create a job as you normally would, either by blocking off time in the schedule or by clicking the +New button.

On the new job page, click into the schedule editor to update times and arrival window.

In this edit screen, you can now update the arrival window for the job. This can be done with editing existing jobs as well.

Choose the amount of time you would like to give. It can be none (this will give the customer an exact time) or as large as four hours. If you want this window to applied to every scheduled job moving forward, hit Set arrival window as default in the bottom left. Then hit done to save this setting.

The window will begin at the time the job is entered into the calendar. So if the job is set for 12:00 pm and an arrival window of thirty minutes is selected, the arrival window will be from 12:00 pm-12:30 pm. 

The preview of the text notification that your customer will receive will adjust as the window is changed. 

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