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Customer text notifications include a link for the customer to view the details of the job

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A text notification is sent whenever 'Schedule,' 'On-my-way,' and 'Finish' are pressed on a job. This customer notification includes a link to a job preview that your customer can click on to view the details of the job.ย 

You can choose to display or hide the line item details in this job details preview by toggling the 'Customer job preview' ON/OFF in your 'Text Messages' settings.

To turn ON/OFF:

1. Click on 'Account Settings'

2. Select 'Text Messages'

3. Toggle 'Show line items on job preview'

This preview includes:

  • Service address,

  • Job status,

  • Scheduled time of the job

  • Line items (optional)

  • A contact card for the customer to text, call, or email you

PRO TIP: Your customers will see the pictures you have in your employee settings, so have a photo shoot day and get your headshots uploaded!

If you don't have a picture uploaded, it will just show your employee's initials.

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