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Add Your Employees

Onboard your employees so you can easily dispatch jobs to your team and stay updated with the work they're doing in the field.

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Invite your employees to join your company's Housecall Pro account to stay updated on their work in the field! 

To send an invite to your employees:

1. Click into your 'Account Settings' 

2. Select 'Employees & permissions'

3. Click 'Add Employee'

4. Input Employee Information:

  • First & last name

  • Mobile number - A text will be sent to your employee through the system letting them know you've set up an account for them and that you will provide them with their login email and password.

  • Email address -*If the system tells you the email it isn't available for use, please click on the chat bubble so our tech support team can resolve it for you!*

  • Password - Once your employee downloads the blue Housecall Pro App, they'll click LOG IN and use their email and password combination to access their account.

    Please be sure that the password you enter matches the password requirements:

    • 8 or more characters long

    • At least 1 uppercase letter

    • at least 1 number

    • At least one special character

    If you do not set a password for your employee, they will need to reset their password upon signing in for the first time.

  • Picture - if you have Custom SMS, you'll want to upload a headshot of your employee so your customers can see who will be coming to their property!

  • Color - this color will show on your calendar to signal jobs/estimates dispatched to this employee.

  • Tags - internal markers that can help you filter your calendar and note specific things about your employees. For example, if an employee is assigned to 'Truck A', or has additional 'Handyman' skills, etc. 

5. Set Employee's Permissions:

  • Select if employee is an Admin/Owner or a Office Staff or a Field Tech

  • Office staff can use both the web portal and mobile app. Field techs have access to the mobile app ONLY. 

  • Be sure to assign a main Point of Contact (POC)/Dispatch employee. Only ONE employee can be assigned the role of POC. 

NOTE: Whoever is set as the POC will receive customer replies to
the automated text notifications to their mobile app
(unless a job is 'In Progress' aka between 'OMW' & 'Finish').

6. Click 'SAVE & Send SMS' to invite your employee! 

Check out these tips on attracting great employees to your company.  

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