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Multiday Job Appointments
Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app
Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app
How to manage Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app: for owners, admins, and field employees.
Written by Mateusz Zmuda
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Note: This feature is currently beta testing and is not available to all Pros.

Note: During the beta stage of appointments it is required that Time Tracking is turned off. Please review this help article on how to toggle Time Tracking on or off.

How are Appointments displayed on the mobile app?

Getting to a single Appointment:

Opening an appointment functions the exact same way as jobs on the mobile app. If appointments are enabled, you will see a list of appointments in all the places where you currently can see jobs.

When a single appointment is opened, a job details page populates and presents information about the whole job. A new section is also visible that provides specific appointment details including appointment date, time range, and assigned employees.

Editing Appointments:

A single appointment can be edited from the job details screen on mobile by clicking on the "Pencil" icon. The edit appointment screen is opened with a calendar preview on top and a form allowing modification of the date and time, arrival window, and assignees.

It is also possible to edit an appointment by selecting it directly from the schedule tab. The job details screen appears with the selected appointment and modification options. The job details screen currently displays the appointment closest in time. If the user has permissions or is assigned to different appointments in the job, they can be accessed from the calendar in the schedule tab. Stay tuned - the ability to add appointments on mobile is coming soon!

How do field employees report on work status?

There should be no significant or noticeable change in mobile workflows when appointments are enabled. Getting to an appointment, sending On my way! notifications, starting and finishing work should remain unchanged.

The most notable change occurs when there is more than one appointment on a single job and all others have been finished. In this case, additional information will be asked (whether the job should be marked as finished in its entirety.)

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