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Multi-day Job Appointments
Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app
Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app

How to manage Multi-day Job Appointments on the mobile app: for owners, admins, and field employees.

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Note: This feature is currently beta testing and is not available to all Pros.

How are Appointments displayed on the mobile app?

Open Work and Upcoming section on the mobile app:

Open Jobs and Upcoming sections will continue to display Appointments instead of Jobs
following the rules outlined below:

  • When an employee has the setting “Show techs full schedule” toggled OFF: Open Jobs display all Appointments assigned to a given Pro AND scheduled for today AND with start date/time past current date/time

  • When an employee has the setting “Show techs full schedule” toggled ON: Open Jobs display all Appointments assigned to a given Pro AND scheduled for today

  • Upcoming display (chronologically) the next Appointment, assigned to a given Pro

Getting to a single Appointment:

Opening an appointment functions the same way as jobs on the mobile app. If appointments are enabled, you will see a list of appointments in all the places where you currently can see jobs.

When a single appointment is opened, a job details page populates and presents information about the whole job. A new section is also visible that provides specific appointment details including appointment date, time range, and assigned employees.

Editing Appointments:

A single appointment can be edited from the job details screen on mobile by clicking on the "Pencil" icon. The edit appointment screen is opened with a calendar preview on top and a form allowing modification of the date and time, arrival window, and assignees. You can also delete appointments from this screen by selecting the Delete option at the bottom.

It is also possible to edit an appointment by selecting it directly from the schedule tab. The job details screen appears with the selected appointment and modification options. The job details screen currently displays the appointment closest in time. If the user has permissions or is assigned to different appointments in the job, they can be accessed from the calendar in the schedule tab.

Preview a list of Appointments:

To preview all appointments created within a job, click the "View all" link in the Appointments section on the Job Details page. This will display a list of all appointments associated with that job. To edit an appointment from the list, click the pencil icon next to it.

Add a new Appointment

To add a new appointment from the list view of appointments, select the "+" button in the top right corner of the next screen.

How do field employees report on work status?

Job status

Appointments introduce information about the scheduled date and time of customer visit(s), allowing one to see who is assigned to each visit, but they do not have status. This means the whole job is going to be started when the OMW button is clicked for the first time by any of the employees assigned to the appointment, and this also means that only the whole job can be finished.

There is no option currently to finish the appointment. By clicking finish job, the whole job is going to be marked as completed.

OMW (on my way) notifications

OMW notifications can be sent for each Appointment tied to a parent job (one notification may be sent per appointment)

When the "Tracking Time on Jobs" feature is enabled in the settings, and when an OMW notification has already been by another employee:

  1. the app will present information about the employee who sent it and the time it was sent

  2. there will be no possibility of sending another customer notification (until the next day) for this appointment

Start/Pause time tracking

When the "Tracking Time on Jobs" feature is enabled in the settings, each employee can start and pause their time tracking on a job with multiple appointments. Time tracking is done on a job level, thus the time on a 2nd appointment is going to continue to count from previously paused time, instead of starting from 0:00.

With the Tracking Time on Jobs feature, each employee should pause their time on each appointment and not finish the job until they're finished with the work for the customer.

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