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Having all your customers in Housecall Pro makes it easy to schedule jobs more quickly for your existing customers and builds a customer database complete with their contact information and any notes or tags you already have on your customers. There are four ways you can add customers to your account:

  • Import from a file (either an Excel spreadsheet you have or from a prior software system)

  • Import from Quickbooks

  • Import from Google Contacts

  • Add one-by-one

This article will walk you through the options for adding your customers to Housecall Pro.

Option 1:

Import your customer list from a file directly into Housecall Pro. If you're coming from another software that is the most up-to-date source for you, or if you do not use QuickBooks, this will be the option for you.

  • File: Click here for step-by-step instructions and best practices on importing your customer list.

If you are on a MAX plan, you can work with our data import team where they can import your customers, job history, equipment, and price book for you. Our basic transfer option is free. There may an additional cost for exports with multiple files or exports that require additional formatting that is outside the standard transfer scope of work. Please work with your Onboarding advisor to set up an initial consultation call. If youโ€™re itching to get started with importing your customers or Price Book, you are welcome to follow the instructions to import on your own.

Option 2:

Connect and import customers from your QuickBooks account. If you use QuickBooks Online or Desktop as your accounting software AND if it is the most up-to-date source of your customer data, this will be the option for you.

  • QuickBooks Online: Watch this video to learn how to easily import your customer list, price book, and job history from QuickBooks Online to Housecall Pro.

  • QuickBooks Desktop: Watch this video to learn how to connect and import your customer list, price book, and job history from QuickBooks Desktop to Housecall Pro.

Option 3:

If you don't have an official list and your contacts are in your phone, that's okay! Housecall Pro is a great tool to help create and build your customer database.ย You can import any contacts into Housecall Pro to get started.

Option 4:

If you don't have any customers to import, you can add customers manually into Housecall Pro.

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