Instapay is a great new technology from Housecall Pro! Because we release the money within 30 minutes of the payment being processed, refunds will work a little differently. 

With standard payments, when you accept a credit card from a customer, we deposit the proceeds into your bank account. Likewise, when you refund a customer, we pull the funds from your account because the connection allows us this access.

When a customer pays and your default payout speed is Instapay, we send what is known as an "unlinked refund" to your bank account via your debit card. Because this doesn't show as a standard deposit into your bank account, we don't have the same link as we would with standard payouts. 

If you refund a customer when you are linked to Instapay, your Instapay account will go negative, and any future payouts will go towards replenishing your account until it reaches $0. After the account is at $0, you will start receiving instant payments once again. 

If you still have questions, or are looking for the status of a particular payout, please feel free to chat into the blue chat bubble from your account and our team will be happy to help! 

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