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Why did my Instapay Payout Fail?
Why did my Instapay Payout Fail?

Common reasons for a bank rejecting your instant payout

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If you see that an instant payout has failed on the My Money screen, this  means the bank has rejected our deposit. The charge was successfully made from the customer, so you do not need to contact them. This just means we couldn't release the funds to your account. 

You will need to chat in to the blue chat bubble from your account to figure out the failure type, but we can get everything sorted out for you. 

There are a couple common reasons we've come across on why a payout has failed:

Declined by Bank - Typically this means that there is a daily limit on this type of transaction that needs to be raised by your bank, or there is some other type of limitation on the type of payout that need to be resolved before we can deposit the funds. 

Most level 1 customer service reps at banks will not be familiar with this, so we recommend asking to elevate the issue to a supervisor or someone who is familiar with refunds not linked to transactions to find out what made the payout fail. This isn't a standard payment type that most are familiar with, and they will not be able to locate the issue by looking at your deposits. 

Once you have spoken to the bank and determined the cause of the failure, go ahead and chat back so we can give engineering that info and have them retry the payout for you. 

Invalid Card - This usually means that your card is expired, a new card has been issued, or a number you entered in is incorrect. If you re-enter your card on the My Money page, the payout should automatically try again with the new card information. If you have not been issued a new card, you'll need to call your bank and see if they have made any updates. 

Lost or Stolen Card - If you have had any fraudulent activity on your card, or have reported your card lost, you will get this message because we cannot issue the payout. You will need to update your account on the My Money page and then we will retry the payout. 

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