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If you don't have an official list and your contacts are in your phone, that's okay! Housecall Pro is a great tool to help create and build your customer database. You can import any contacts into Housecall Pro to get started.

If your contacts are saved on your phone, follow one of the guides below to learn how to add your customers.

If your contacts are saved on your computer, you can import all of them from Google Contacts. If you do not use Gmail, you can still add your customer list from contacts on your computer by first importing them into Google Contacts. You will need a Gmail account to do this.

On the Customers page, select the 3 dots in the right-hand corner and then choose "Import from Google".

You will be asked to choose the Google account to connect and give access to Housecall Pro to see and import contacts. We do not save your Google account information or have any access other than importing your contacts.

You will then see a drawer on the bottom of the screen show with all of your contacts. You can either select them individually or all at once, and then click the button in the bottom right-hand corner to add your contacts.

Your contacts will be imported immediately.

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