1. Unique digital badge

Superpros™ receive a unique digital badge (PNG/JPG/Vector) that you may place on your website, uniform, vehicle, promotional material, etc. It will also appear on your Housecall profile and differentiate you from your competition. 

2. Customer recognition

Superpro status signals a higher level of service to your customers. With this status, your customers will be more trusting for you to enter their homes and willing to pay the price you deserve. 

3. Priority placement in Housecall Pro community

Superpros get priority placement in our Community app. Ranking higher means more Pros can send you jobs and refer customers to you.  

4. Superpro initiation box

Upon acceptance, you will receive a Superpro Initiation Box with exclusive Superpro collateral. 

5. Mastermind ticket discounts

Superpros get exclusive discounts on tickets to Masterminds. They also get special recognition at these events.

6. Gain access to the Superpro Facebook Group and Community


7. Free Superpro-only networking events across the country

Connect with Superpros who share the same values and caliber of work as you.

8. Unlock the Superpro expense/charge card for your business (COMING SOON)

9. Unlock the Superpro section of the Housecall Pro Store (COMING SOON)

10. Exclusive alpha/beta product tests 

Superpros get exclusive access to the Labs section of the app stope with alpha/beta launches of new features. In 2018, Superpros were the first to use Zapier, Instapay, service agreements, and card swipers this last year. Superpros provide valuable feedback and get to work with our product team. 

11. Get entered to win a trip to San Diego

After a year of maintaining Superpro status, you will be entered to win a trip for you and a guest to fly to San Diego where you will spend the day at Housecall Headquarters, meet the Founders, and get special access to the product roadmap. You will also be featured on our podcast to tell your success story and inspire thousands of Pros.

Here is a list of our February 2019 Superpros!

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