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What are the benefits of becoming a Superpro?
What are the benefits of becoming a Superpro?

Achieving Superpro status comes with many short and long term benefits

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Directly Shape the Future of Housecall Pro

Superpros are on the frontlines of Housecall Pro's development. In a behind-the-scenes, exclusive community, Superpros provide direct feedback and solutions to the Housecall Pro team and their voice pioneers the future of the home service industry.

Unique Digital Badge

Superpros™ receive a unique digital badge (PNG/JPG/Vector) that you may place on your website, uniform, vehicle, promotional material, etc. It will also appear on your Housecall profile and differentiate you from your competition. 

Verified Superpro Status

Superpro status signals a higher level of service to your customers. With this verified status, your customers will be more trusting of you entering their homes and willing to pay the price you deserve. 

Superpro Initiation Box

Upon acceptance, you will receive a Superpro Initiation Box with exclusive Superpro collateral, including a printed gold leaf Superpro certificate.

Superpro Swag

Beyond your initiation box, there are many opportunities to participate as a Superpro that help your business and peers and win you even more swag throughout each year.

Gain access to the Superpro Facebook Group and Community

Being a Superpro grants you access to a vast network of industry leaders who can help you grow your knowledge and business and win new jobs in your area.

Exclusive alpha/beta product tests 

Superpros get exclusive access to the Labs section of the app store with alpha/beta launches of new features. Superpros were the first to use features such as Pipeline, VOIP, Advanced Reporting, Expense Cards, Job Costing, HCP Assist, Zapier, Instapay, Service Agreements, Card Swipers, etc. Superpros provide valuable feedback and get to work with our product team. 

Direct access to the Housecall Pro team

You will have a direct line to our Superpro community team who will connect you with Product Managers, Tech Support, and anyone and everyone else needed to solve your problem or hear your idea. Your voice will never go unheard or question go unanswered.

Continued Growth Opportunities:

Continue to expand your business and expertise with tons of growth opportunities:

  • #QuickTipTuesday (Superpros and HCP staff sharing tips in Facebook live event)

  • Zoom Office Hours (a live, open-forum webinar exclusive for Superpros to ask questions, share ideas, and get a direct response)

  • Free access to CONQUER Bootcamps ($44 value)

  • One free monthly CONQUER business resource (i.e. employee handbook, service plan templates, etc)

  • Access to the CONQUER Facebook Growth Vault

  • Industry meetups

Free trial on a feature

When you are first accepted as a Superpro, you get a free trial on a Housecall Pro feature that you do not current have.

SEO Boost Opportunity

You will have the opportunity to be featured in content on the Housecall Pro website with backlinks that will boost your SEO.

Exclusive Superpro Newsletter

Ever wonder how some Pros know what is coming before you do? They have access to behind-the-curtain information. Read the exclusive Superpro newsletter for information on coming features and what the Housecall Pro team is planning for the future.

Exclusive invite to Superpro in-person event

Once a year, Superpros fly in from around the country for a weekend of networking, brainstorming, and, well, legendary story-making. This is an event you do not want to miss.

Access to Priority Chat Support (coming soon)

Coming soon... It's a blue bubble on red alert. Exclusive for Superpros.

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