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HCP Coach Videos - FAQ
HCP Coach Videos - FAQ

Learn a bit more about Housecall Pro's new business coaching videos through answers to these frequently asked questions.

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Coach from Housecall Pro is a new initiative geared towards giving quick two minute tips to help you reach your business goals. These videos are intended to help remind Pros what certain metrics and trends are saying about their business. Here are a few frequently asked questions:

Why am I seeing new video icons on my dashboard?

These video buttons are links to new HCP Coach videos. These videos share two-minute business coaching tips, and are accompanied by help content related to that product feature. Click on the icon to open up the HCP Coach content.

How many HCP Coach videos are available?

Currently there are four dashboard cards that each have a HCP Coach Video.

  • Job revenue earned

  • Open estimates

  • Open invoices

  • Average job size

I don't see all of the dashboard cards listed; how do I access the other cards?

HCP will only show your top dashboard cards by default. In order to see the full dashboard and all other cards, scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click see more.

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What's next?

HCP Coach will be gradually adding new videos and tips throughout Housecall Pro. Look for video icon across new product features for more quick business coaching tips!

Click here to watch our quick introduction on HCP Coach and knowing your numbers!

Current HCP Coach Videos

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