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Website Builder FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Housecall Pro website builder.

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Housecall Pro is no longer offering new subscriptions to our Website Builder Product.

If you currently have a Website Builder site from Housecall Pro, your site will continue to be supported. You may use this help article to find helpful information and resources related to your Website Builder site.

If you are interested in a new website, check out our brand new offering, Websites by Housecall Pro!

Website Builder

Please note: The following FAQs are only relevant to Housecall Pro users with an existing Website Builder (V1) site

What is the Online Booking Engine? 

Online booking gives your customers the opportunity to view your availability and book directly from your website. It turns site visitors into paying customers.

What about my SEO?

Our Website Builder uses an SEO friendly template that allows you to optimize it yourself. Basically, it’s just a fancy way of saying that you’ll rank on Google and win more jobs! You can see more about how to optimize your site here

Off-page SEO - like obtaining more backlinks, is something that you’ll need to do yourself or have someone help you with because this is done manually.

Will I be charged for jobs booked through my site's online booking? 

  • Nope! The website is all yours!

What if I want to test my online booking? 

  • To test your website builder's online booking, book a job using an email address associated with your Housecall Pro account and you won't be charged! 

How can I tell that a job was booked from my Website Builder site? 

  • Any jobs booked from your Website Builder site will be tagged with the 'Website Builder' job tag. 

How can I edit my website?

If I have the Reviews feature enabled, will they show up on my website? 

  • They sure will! While the overall rating is based on all of your reviews, you can configure the visibility of reviews 

  • Turn on the Reviews app and toggle on the option in your website builder directly to pull reviews onto your site. Click here for step-by-step instructions.  

How can I chat in for support?

  • If you have a Housecall Pro account, please use the blue chat bubble as you would for any other inquiry.

  • If you do not have a Housecall Pro account, you can still login to using your website login information.

If I cancel my Housecall Pro account, what happens to my website?

You can cancel your Housecall Pro account and continue to use your website. You will pay $12.99/year to maintain the domain and if you have the Online Booking Engine upgrade, you will pay $99/month. 

How do I cancel my Website Builder?

If you want to cancel your website, please email You have the option to keep your domain, we’ll even help you transfer it anywhere you want.

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