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Adding Social Media through the Website Builder
Adding Social Media through the Website Builder

Link your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts through the Website Builder!

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Housecall Pro is no longer offering new subscriptions to our Website Builder Product.

If you currently have a Website Builder site from Housecall Pro, your site will continue to be supported. You may use this help article to find helpful information and resources related to your Website Builder site.

If you are interested in a new website, check out our brand new offering, Websites by Housecall Pro!

Link your social media sites in your Website Builder
for your customers to see!

1. To get started, scroll to the bottom of your page in 'Edit' mode

  • If adding for the first time, you will see 'Add Social Links' and '+' in blue (see below)

  • Any time after, you will see the social media icons and the 'Edit' icon (pictured below) 

2. Only input the portion of the URL that follows the main site's URL shown in the pop-up

  • For example, is already showing so the rest of the URL for Housecall PROs that needs to be pasted into the blank space is: groups/HousecallPros  (see below)

3. Click 'Save

And that's it! 

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