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Editing in the Website Builder
Editing in the Website Builder

Once you've gotten setup with your Housecall Pro website builder, you can make edits quickly whenever you need to.

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Housecall Pro is no longer offering new subscriptions to our Website Builder Product.

If you currently have a Website Builder site from Housecall Pro, your site will continue to be supported. You may use this help article to find helpful information and resources related to your Website Builder site.

If you are interested in a new website, check out our brand new offering, Websites by Housecall Pro!

To edit your, enter your site URL, and add the following to the end: /edit 

For example:  

Once you've logged in, you'll have the ability to edit the sections detailed below.

If you're not already logged into Housecall Pro, you will be asked to login. 

  • Enter your Housecall Pro credentials to access (whatever email & password combo you login to for your Housecall Pro account)

To edit, simply click on the 'Edit' icon (pencil) to the right of each field.  

Company Logo

  • Upload or delete a logo for your company 

  • Note: If you do not upload or delete your logo, the company name will show by default. 

Banner (Background) Photo

  • You can delete the background/banner photo if you choose not to display one

Banner Title & Description

  • The perfect spot to display your company name (title) & slogan (description) 

About Us 

  • Edit the title of your 'About Us' section and include a company description to tell your customers how great you are! 

  • HTML can be included in this section as well to hyperlink websites -- Click here for HTML Help

Company Highlights 

  • Check the information you'd like shown on your website

  • Leave blank/unchecked if you do not want the info shown on your website 

  • Scroll to the top of the list of years to select 'Don't show it on my website' 

Payment Methods

  • Tell customers what payment methods you accept: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards 

YouTube Video

  • You can enter a YouTube URL for 1 video only  

Service Area (see below)

  • Input your company address and set the number of miles you'd like your radius to extend to 

  • To customize your service area, drag and drop the white dots along the edge or the red circle 

  • To reset the service area, click 'Clear Map'



  • Show off your greatest customer feedback and comments


  • Find yourself frequently answering the same customer questions? Type it out right here for your customers to see! 


  • Display photos of your work, your team, or anything related to your business that you'd like to share with your customers 

Business Hours

  • At the bottom of the page, click the 'Edit' icon to set your business hours 

Company Info

  • Edit your 'Contact Us' number and email address in 'Company Settings' 

  • To access 'Company Settings', click the circle in the upper right corner

Online Booking Widget

  • Make sure you set your online booking windows and soonest availability 

  • You'll need to set your availability for your online booking in time slots of your choice before your customers can book you online 

  • The most popular time slot is 2 hours, however, it can be customized to better fit your company

  • Remember: the slot that you are setting is the window of time in which you'll arrive for the job, not how long the job will take to complete. 

Once you've finished editing your website, click [PUBLISH] at the top of the page and you're good to go!

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