If Reviews are not already enabled for your account, follow these instructions to activate them

Activate Facebook Reviews:

1. Click 'My Apps' in the navigation bar

2. Click on the 'Reviews' icon

3. Click the Settings side panel (gear icon) in the right corner

4. Toggle on the switch to the right of the Facebook logo

5. Follow the instructions in the pop up (also listed below)

  • Go to your Facebook business page
  • Copy the URL (web address) at the top of your Facebook business page
  • Paste that URL in the line of the pop up window (in Housecall Pro) 
  • Click 'Submit'

Things to know: 

  • Customer reviews will be divided between Facebook and Housecall Pro. However, if they have a gmail address, they will be sent to review on Google. 
  • Customers must be logged into their Facebook account in order to leave a Facebook review. 
  • You must have a Facebook business page in order to receive Facebook reviews.

To learn more about customer reviews, click here

You can also enable your Google My Business account for reviews! 

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