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Reviews on Facebook
Reviews on Facebook

Connect your Facebook page to start getting reviews there as well as Google and Housecall Pro!

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If Reviews are not already enabled for your account, follow these instructions to activate them.

Activate Facebook Reviews:

  1. Click 'My Apps' in the navigation bar

2. Click on the 'Reviews' icon

3. Click the Facebook logo or choose the settings gear in the upper right hand corner and toggle on the switch next to Facebook in order to connect your account

4. Choose 'Connect to Facebook' in the pop-up. This will take you over to Facebook to login

5. Continue with your current account or log in - make sure you are logging into the account that you use to manage your Facebook Business Page

6. Choose your Facebook Business Page - you may only connect one Facebook Business Page

7. Allow Housecall Pro to pull all three of these settings (if you don't allow then your reviews app will not work properly)

8. Confirm that you have linked your account

9. You'll then be returned to your Housecall Pro account!

Things to know: 

  • Customers must be logged into their Facebook account in order to leave a Facebook review. 

  • You must have a Facebook business page in order to receive Facebook reviews.

If you had connected Facebook to your reviews account prior to February 12, 2020 you will need to reauthorize your Facebook account in order to utilize any new reviews features. If you don't reauthorize review requests for your Facebook page will still be sent as normal.

For more information on how your customers request reviews, Click Here

You can also enable your Google My Business account for reviews! 

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