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Step 8: Turn on and connect your reviews app to your Google and Facebook Business listings to drive reviews to these sites.

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Setting up your Reviews App within Housecall Pro will automate your online review strategy so that you can get more reviews on Google and Facebook, improve your search engine rankings, and stand out from your competition. 

When was the last time you bought something online without looking at the reviews first? If I’m your customer and my friend recommends you I’m going to Google you, Right? And then, I’m gonna look at your reviews and visit your website..  Reviews can make or break your digital first impression. 

Both the number and recency of your reviews matter so you need an easy and automatic way of asking for and pushing reviews to Google and Facebook. Your Reviews App will do both. Whenever you finish a job, your customer will automatically get a text and an email asking them to review your business, making it as easy as finishing a job to drive recent reviews and more of them.

The more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is that customers find you too, because they not only improve your visibility on Social Media and other review sites, they also help with your search engine rankings.  Your reviews dashboard within Housecall Pro lets you see the volume and quality of reviews across your primary online accounts so that you can stay informed and on top of your online reputation at a glance.

More than half of businesses are not making use of online reviews, yet over 90% of consumers trust and rely on them. This means if you start collecting your own online reviews today by setting up your Reviews App in Housecall Pro, you will stand out from your competition and grow your business. 

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