Add Address Notes

Add notes about a specific address within the customer profile.

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You can use address notes for one or all customer addresses to share information regarding that location internally (customers do not see these notes). 

  • These notes will remain attached to the address (and customer) until you edit or delete it.

To add a note to a customer address: 

1. Click on the 'Customers' icon in your navigation bar 

2. Click the customer profile

3. Under the 'Profile' section of the customer profile, click the 'More' icon (3 vertical dots icon)

4. Click 'Edit Address'

5. Type notes directly into Address Notes section

6. Click 'Update' to save 

7. You will now be able to view your notes for the address directly on the line below the address. 

  • You can edit at any time by clicking the 'More' icon (3 vertical dots)

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