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Add (or edit) important notes about your customer that will act as reminders for your company and remain with the profile indefinitely.

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Customer Notes:

  • are internal notes for your company to keep on a customer, property, or services provided (customers cannot see these notes) 

  • can be found in the customer's profile 

  • can be viewed in the web portal and on the mobile app

  • will remain with the customer profile until you delete them (or the customer profile)

  • do not carry over to estimate or job notes 

This is a great section to include reminders or keep track of key information about the property, customer, or services provided. 

Customer notes can include (but are not limited to):

  • Names

  • Talking points/interesting facts

  • Serial numbers of equipment on the property

  • Gate codes (unless there are multiple addresses, you'll instead include that in the address note)

Customer notes can be added when creating a brand new customer profile
added to an existing customer profile. 

Add to New Customer Profile

  1. Click [+NEW] in your navigation bar

  2. Select 'Customer'

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Add new customer' pop-up

  4. Click on the 'Customer Notes' line and type your notes

  5. Click 'Create Customer' once you've finished inputting all the information

Add To Customer Profile 

1. Click the 'Customers' icon in your navigation bar

2. Select the customer profile you're adding notes to.

3. In the 'Profile' section, scroll down until you see the 'Customer notes' section.  

4. Click on the line in the notes section & type notes.

5. Click anywhere outside of the box once you've finished.

And that's it! 

Note: Customer notes can be found in the mobile app by clicking on the customer's name in the job details page.

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